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ByAdrianna Michalska

Portret de Voluntar – Adrianna (Polonia)

601248_404978566204263_1826593922_n  Salut! I’m Adrianna and I’m 24 years old. I come from Poland but for the past 6 years I’ve been living in all kinds of different parts of the world. Throughout my nomad life I went to American High School, studied in the UK, did courses and internships in Vienna, Singapore, London, and Edinburgh, and most recently spent 3 months volunteering in Ghana. So of course I love travelling, learning about different cultures and ways of living, and getting to know people. But my main interest is in dance – I have a Bachelor’s degree in Dance and Culture and I’ve explored many different forms of movement – contemporary dance, contact improvisation, African contemporary, Kathak (traditional Indian dance), yoga, and others. I’m passionate about exploring how movement reflects on the culture, dancing with people, and being creative whilst moving. I have other passions too – reading books, going on nature trails, trying new food (!), listening to good music, and engaging in all kinds of story telling and discussions,

Saying that, my experience is a wild mix of different adventures – I have worked as assistant producer, choreographed my own pieces, co-directed a student dance company, danced with mixed-ability youth, and co-led scout troupe in Poland and teams of volunteers in Singapore and Ghana.

Now EVS in Curba de Cultura is my next adventure. I’m looking forward to learning about the Romanian culture, getting to know people, and exploring the beauty of this country (I’ve done some hikes already so I know that it is very beautiful here!). I’ll be looking out for opportunities to share and exchange ideas, movements and be creative together.


Salut! Eu sunt Adrianna, am 24 de ani și sunt din Polonia, dar în ultimii 6 ani am locuit în diferite părți ale lumii. În viața asta nomadă a mea am fost la liceu în America, am studiat în Regatul Unit, am urmat diferite cursuri în Viena, Singapore, Londra și Edinburgh, iar recent am făcut 3 luni de voluntariat in Ghana. Prin urmare iubesc să călătoresc, să învăț despre alte culturi și alte moduri de viață și să cunoasc oameni. Dar principalul meu interes este dansul – am o licență în Dans și Cultură și am explorat diferite tipuri de mișcare, de la dans contemporan, improvization contact, dans african contemporan, Kathak (dans tradițional indian), yoga și multe altele. Îmi place să explorez modul în care mișcarea reflectă cultura, modul în care oamenii dansează și cum să fii creativ în timp ce te miști. De asemenea sunt pasionată de lectură, plimbări în natură, să încerc noi feluri de mâncare, să ascult muzică bună și să mă implic în discuții și povești.

Prin urmare experiența mea este un amestec de aventuri – am lucrat ca asistent producător, mi-am coregrafiat propriile piese, am co-regizat un grup de dans studențesc, am dansat cu tineri cu diferite abilități și am condus un grup de cercetași în Polonia și o echipă de voluntari în Singapore și Ghana.

Acum un stagiu SEV la Curba de Cultură este noua mea aventură. Sunt curioasă să aflu mai multe despre cultura românească, să cunosc oameni și să explorez această țară frumoasă (am făcut deja scurte drumeții și știu că e frumos aici). De asemenea voi profita de șansele care apar pentru a împărtăși și schimba idei de mișcare și pentru a fi creativi împreună.

Adrianna este în România pentru o perioadă de șase luni, din martie 2018 până în august 2018, în cadrul proiectului Active Youth in Rural Settings [2017-1-PL01-KA105-035693] proiect co-finanțat de Uniunea Europeană prin Programul Erasmus+ și implementat în România de către Curba de Cultură. 

BySorin Berbecar

Three years of hosting EVS volunteers

evsCurba de Cultură is hosting international volunteers for almost three years. We started in 2015 with one volunteer and in this moment there are 8 volunteers hosted simultaneously. From intercultural education done through nonformal methods in schools, outdoors, in the cultural centres and in the Youth Centre of Curba de Cultura to promoting volunteering through presentations and games and through videos showing EVS life, to gathering materials with regard to the specific of Izvoarele commune in order to promote it, to make it known and to show to people that rural Romania still has lots to offer.

Below you can see collected, from some of the volunteers hosted, the thoughts they had in the end of their stay in Romania at Curba de Cultura.

Personal comments

For my personal and professional development, this EVS was the best decision I could take. I didn’t expect to have as many positive things in return and to feel as involved in the project. The main reason was to have a really serious and helpful hosting organization, with the coordinators and president who did all what I need to feel at home and comfortable with my new life. This experience was amazing! (Estelle, France – 9 months)

So I’m going out of this EVS with a lot of happiness, it teaches me a lot, to become someone better, to understand things better. (Mael, France – 5 months)

I am really glad to come here. I learnt a lot of new things, about culture, people, places, but also about myself. Thanks for those perfect 5 months! I will never forget it, and it changed a part of me, I am really proud of that, and it’s thanks to you. (Margot, France – 5 months)

I feel a better person. (Sophie, France – 12months)

I am proud to have done and European Voluntary Service and I changed a lot during 10 months. I found out what is my passion and what I want to do after EVS. (Liina, Estonia – 10months)

Truly I can say that I feel extremely strong person now and I hope that I will never lose this feeling. (Ania, Poland – 9 months)

Thanks to the EVS I got to know what I really would like to do in the future and I hope to make awesome cooperation with my hosting organization. (Eleny, Estonia – 5 months)

I feel different than 6 months ago, now I have a more clear idea about myself. I hope that every person that starts an EVS project has the fortune to meet an association with amazing people like my hosting organization. (Alessio, Italy – 6 months)

I would never expect so many new experiences, although some of them were harder than I would think in the beginning of my staying here. And I would definitely not expect people taking so awesome care about me and all of us, EVS volunteers. (Anna, Czech Republic – 6 months)

At first when I accepted to come on this project I was a little bit sad because it’s an village and you don’t have a lot of things to do here, but meeting others EVS volunteers and coordinators of the projects this changed, because they made this six months more interested. Talking with people from others city and listening to their problems with coordinators, housemates, project and mentor I was really happy that I was part of Curba de Cultura. (Martina, Croatia – 6 months)

Just thank you to whoever was the genius who invented EVS, and of course to Curba de Cultura – you are simply the best! (Melanie, Belgium – 6 months)

Would you recommend EVS to others? Why?

Yes, of course, I recommend it! Because whatever you do as an EVS, you will learn more than you expected and you will discover stuff which will change your state of mind. It permits to learn better about oneself and about the other. It’s very good experience to improve competences and to discover new ones. (Estelle, France – 9 months)

Yes, I would recommend other to do an EVS because it opens your mind, it makes you aware about things that you never be, never thought about. It can really change a life. New chances can appear. (Mael, France – 5 months)

I would recommend to everybody who can do it, to do an EVS. (Margot, France – 5 months)

Yes. It’s good to learn to live by yourself (Sophie, France – 12 months)

Definitely I would recommend EVS to other people. It is a great chance to do something for yourself, to become a better person and in the same time to help the local community in another country. (Liina, Estonia – 10 months)

EVS is a life changing experience which makes you richer. (Ania, Poland – 9 months)

I definitely recommend EVS: – new ways of seeing things around you, have a chance to think about your life, learn a lot about yourself, improve your skills, find friends for life.  (Eleny, Estonia – 5 months)

Of course yes! EVS is something very great for personal growing and is an amazing life experience. (Alessio, Italy – 6 months)

EVS brings together people who would never meet and live together. It can be hard, it is hard, but is one of the biggest experiences and one of the biggest improvement people can reach in their life. (Anna, Czech Republic – 6 months)

I would recommend EVS to others people, because is the best way to learn about yourself, about your life and your future, what you like and what you don’t like. You also have opportunity to  express yourself, give your ideas and together with others you implement your ideas, you can learn about different ways of work, different types of work witch’s  going to help you in the future for your job. (Martina, Croatia – 6 months)

I would of course recommend anybody to do an EVS, simply because it can be an incredibly valuable experience that can have great impacts on your future in any sense and for me at least it was most definitely the best thing I did in my life. (Melanie, Belgium – 6 months)