Monthly Archive June 2019

ByEmilie Gillet

5 favorite outdoor games from my childhood that anyone can play

When I was young, I was scout. We spent a lot of time outdoor to play at several game.

Some of them are engraved in my mind like these 5:

  • ” The bandmaster “

 Everybody is in a circle. We choose one who will be “ the detective “. His goal is to find the bandmaster who is hidden among the musicians. The detective goes out of the circle to not see when the group choose ” the bandmaster “. The goal of the bandmaster is to do  some movements that all the group follows, anything he wants without being spotted by the detective. He can change the movement when he wants but with care so the detective won’t see him!

The game starts, the bandmaster does a movement and everybody reproduces it. The detective comes back in the circle and tries to find the bandmaster. When he finds him, the game ends and we can restart with two other people.

  • ” The mouse and the cat “

Everyone is in pairs, dispersed all over in the room/field and all of them are mice. Two participants are alone. One is the cat, the other one is also a mouse. The goal of the cat is to touch the mouse. Like this the mouse becomes the cat and vice-versa. To not be caught, the mouse needs to find a partner. For that he goes next to a couple and grabs the arm of the person just next to him. As it’s impossible to be three in a pair, the one at the opposite end needs to leave and start to run to not be caught by the cat. The game ends whenever loose interest.

  • ” The king of the silence “

Everybody is in a circle, sitting or standing, it doesn’t matter. One person is “the king of the silence”, he’s sitting in the middle of the circle, eyes closed, trying to protect his treasure that is placed around the king (or under if he’s on a chair). The goal of the other people in the circle is to take the treasure. In order to do that, one by one, they go in silence to try to take it. If they do too much noise, the king is able to point them with his finger and they need to go back to their place. The game ends when the king’s treasure is stolen. The person who stole it becomes the new king and the game restarts.

  • ” The wizards “

In this game, we have some wizards and the others are muggles. The goal of the wizards is to catch the muggles. When they touch them, the muggles petrify and cannot move anymore. The game ends when all muggles are petrified. But they’re able to be healed, if another muggle touches them and frees them.

  • “The little goldfish”

In this game, there is a little goldfish standing in front of the others.
The goal of the other child is to get in line with him (a few meters away) and to try to cross the other side without getting touched. If they get touched, they become small goldfish and join the first fish. 
To do this, the children must shout: “Little goldfish, can we cross the Red Sea, if we have …?” And the little goldfish has to find a color that no one has to be able to touche a maximum of people. If someone has the color that the little goldfish has mentioned before, he can pass without fearing anything. But if a person doesn’t have the color she will have to run to try to pass the other side of the sea. The game ends when everybody is a little goldfish.