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ByRobert Jug Sep 24, 2018

Why do we need forests and how can we keep them / De ce avem nevoie de păduri și cum putem să le păstrăm

I can’t remember if there was a time when I wasn’t in love with nature, could be because I grew up in a place where I could play among t

ByTim Clasing Sep 19, 2018

Small everyday things that make a difference for the planet / Mici lucruri din viața de zi cu zi care fac o diferență pentru planetă

  Embarking on an environmental volunteering project is something very personal. This is not a regular job that I do from 8 to 5 and forget abou

ByAnna Seweryn Sep 16, 2018

Leaving Romania / Părăsind România

After almost six months that I have spent here, the time of my EVS project is coming to the end. It’s incredible, that time has passed s

ByThibaut Gillet Sep 16, 2018

Tips and tricks for unfortunate hikes / Sfaturi și trucuri pentru drumeții nenorocoase 

The summer is coming to an end. But that doesn’t mean we will stop hiking in the mountains. There are so many good ways in the Carpathians mou

ByMilena Waas Sep 11, 2018

Conscious cooking / Gătit conștient

/EN/ We all cause harm to the environment, just by being alive. Which is only more of a reason  to try cutting down on it, for ourselves and the

ByTim Clasing Aug 31, 2018

A Day in Practica / O zi în practică

Once this August, there was “practica”, a two-week long joint project between six EVS volunteers engaged in environmental projects and fo