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ByTea Jukic Feb 16, 2019

Romania: Expectations vs. Reality

  Before moving to Romanian countryside my knowledge of this country, its culture, cities, people, history and tradition were very limite

ByPille Janson Feb 1, 2019

Portret de Voluntar – Pille (Estonia)

My name is Pille Janson. I am 30 years old. I am from Estonia, where I lived in Uusküla, small village. I graduated from a Tallinn Service

ByKristina Feb 1, 2019

Portret de Voluntar – Vitor (Portugalia)

Hello everyone, my name is Vítor or Simão as most people call me. I am 19 years old and I came from a town called Ermesinde in Porto. I

ByRoman Studer Feb 1, 2019

Portret de voluntar – Roman (Germania)

Hello everybody, I am Roman Lukas and i`m  from Germany. I live in the city called Siegen. I am in Romania, Izvoarele,  since two days

ByRita Silva Feb 1, 2019

Portret de Voluntar – Rita (Portugalia)

I've been asked to write or talk about myself too many times and every time you do it, you are not saying anything that is actually important,

ByBaptiste Roger Jan 29, 2019

First steps with non formal education

When I arrived in Curba de Cultura I knew that because of my project I would have to go to schools to lead classes, propose activities and share