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BySorin Berbecar Aug 17, 2018

Call for a Romanian volunteering for a stage in Czech Republic

Partenerul nostru Bunkr, o.p.s. din Třinec, Cehia caută un tânăr sau o tânără pentru un proiect de voluntariat internațional ce începe

ByAdrianna Michalska Aug 17, 2018

How a winter evening chat turned into what we call JTT – Cum o discuție de seară pe timpul iernii s-a transformat în ceea ce noi numim JTT

Imagine a cold winter evening in Romania. Darkness quickly falling over the crunching snow and the unforgiving frost distorting our joints. We ju

ByAnna Seweryn Jul 27, 2018

Our Life with Dante – Viața noastră cu Dante

 It was a warm evening and volunteers of the Homorâciu house returned home, where they found a little surprise... Life in the Romanian's vil

ByRobert Jug Jul 21, 2018

Portret de voluntar – Robert (Slovenia)

Hello, my name is Robert and I am a 23 year old Slovenian. I am a medical technician by trade but I am not really keen to seek carrier in this fi

BySorin Berbecar Jul 16, 2018

Call for a Romanian volunteer

Partenerul nostru Fundația Comunitară Valmiera (Valmieras novada fonds) caută un tânăr român care să organizeze activități împreun

BySorin Berbecar Jul 14, 2018

Call for Slovenian, Portuguese, German and Estonian volunteers

Curba de Cultură is looking for four volunteers from any of the following countries: Slovenia, Germany, Portugal or Estonia for a eight mont