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BySorin Berbecar Apr 15, 2019

Call for short term volunteers for the summer of 2019

Izvoarele village holds the title of European Youth Village in 2019! What does this mean? That this summer Izvoarele (Romania) is the plac

BySorin Berbecar Mar 21, 2019

Testimonial Loredana Gamurari

Am aflat despre SEV acum cinci ani. Eram anul doi la facultate și credeam că nu voi găsi momentul potrivit pentru a aplica la program. Dup

BySorin Berbecar Mar 13, 2019

Aventură de 12 luni în Germania

Partenerul nostru Kreis Jugendwerk der AWO Karlsruhe, din Karlsruhe Germania, caută un tânăr sau o tânără pentru un proiect de voluntar

ByJulie Masseron Mar 12, 2019

My festive holidays in Romania | Sărbătorile mele festive în România

Today I will tell you about my holidays in Romania through my French eyes. Indeed, I was lucky enough to have three weeks off during the Christm

ByEmilie Gillet Mar 12, 2019

Portret de voluntar – Emilie (Belgia)

Hi, My name is Emilie ! I'm 23 years old and I come from Belgium in a village near France. After high school, I did one year of graphic desig

ByCaroline Madec Mar 12, 2019

Portret de Voluntar – Caroline (Franța)

Hello! I am Caroline, I am 21 and I come from Roubaix, in the North of France. Over there, I was studying sociology, anthropology and history a