Taking the decision to volunteer abroad and moving away for months or even a year is not an easy thing to do. We know and thus we found it necessary to put our resources and knowledge together with international partners to create a support system for those young people that are going to volunteer abroad, that have the courage to make this step.

This is how the project MENTOR came to life. Mentors’ ENgagement through Training and Oriented Results or in short MENTOR is a partnership built between 5 international organization with various expertise both in hosting and in supporting international volunteers. Together the 5 organization wish to bring resources and tools closer to those that needs them for a successful mentoring process (other organizations and institutions, mentors or potential mentors, and of course the young people the future mentees).

The 5 organizations are:

Throughout 26 months starting in April 2023 we will work together on researching the needs of people that go abroad (mentees) and of those that support them (mentors), put together a guide to support the mentors and the organizations they work for, design a training course that can be replicated at the level of each organization involved and create a portfolio that gathers resources and tools to make all this mentoring process successful and useful for everyone involved.

The project is supported by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme.

Therefore keep and eye on our website and social media to see what’s new, what we prepared and where we would need your help and contribution:

Mentor – first steps