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Importance of environmental protection.

Why it is important to keep the environment and why you can read so much about this in daily news. Does not really people around the world realise the seriousness of the problem or do they just think that what they individually can do and so they try not to pay as much attention to it as they could.
Over the next few years, this topic has become increasingly popular and the consequences of its impact have been brought to the fore in more ways than before. A great many climate activists have come out and have led to many climate strikes. Climate strikes have already achieved something crucial – young people – who really can imagine a different social order have become a platform to fight for their lives. They are not taken very seriously yet, but it has been noticed, that they have the perseverance to continue as long as something finally gets better or they are taken seriously by the others people.
But what each person can do individually to keep the environment a little better off for future generations. Firstly, the small steps you can make in your daily life, namely significantly reducing the use of plastic, by using alternative options, the easiest way to avoid plastic bags, is to own one, or better yet, to make yourself a fabric shopping bag that you can always carry with you. You don’t always have to put all the vegetables and fruits in the plastic, all the while the delicate plastic bags offered in supermarkets have no use for later, you don’t always know if they will last when you get home, so why use them, only burden the environment.
There are annual cleaning days, both worldwide and nationally, but the problem of nature pollution, is still here. A lot of people think, what it can change, if they, individually protect environment and recycle trash. But the change begins with everyone’s initiative. You don’t have to think about how much it will benefit the environment if you recycle and care about the environment but the rest of the world looks like they don’t care.
Since the re-educate people mostly do not succeed, you must correctly change the behavior of an inevitable comfortably.

What if we do not want to leave the goals of sustainable development and active citizenship dependent on people’s random choices?
Moving towards re-educating a person’s environment and relationships rather than re-educating them. For example, active participation needs to be integrated as part of the “real life” organisation. We should probably move towards an environment where some things are “inevitable” for young people but only for young people, for everybody. In the field of environmental sustainability, it is clear that choices that have been made inevitably have the potential to attract people who do not think in terms of environmental sustainability themselves. Waste is also sorted by those who have multiple bins in place of one bin – convenient and inevitable.

Despite the fact that people already have a high level of environmental knowledge and they keep going on the way to be more awareness to moving towards a more sustainable environment. Only the collective awareness of all countries and strong public pressure on our policymakers and businesses will help to make the planet cleaner.

ByPille Janson

Why should everyone have their own garden? –

There have been many talks about the usefulness of your garden so far. Why are there so many doubts, especially among urban people, though they do not have the space to grow their own vegetables but for them there are so many different solutions for that.

We will still talk about the usefulness of your garden. Of course, this first requires a lot of work, but it pays off when you see the first fruits that you have grown with your own care and love. Initially you need to think about what you want to plant and where in the planning of the garden, and then it is easier. You take the tools you need and work can begin.

Everyone knows how beautiful the products on the store shelves are compared to their garden products, but do they all know why these are so beautiful. They are full of chemicals and often do not have the right taste. You can compare your garden as a paradise garden, where you have to offer and take everything you can give in the nature and in the mouth and pot. Created without using any plant protection products. It’s not all in colossal quantities, but just so that you can get your vitamin and other essentials right here, from your own garden and from the surroundings. Also medicinal plants. What is cheaper and more profitable for you, whether to buy foreign juices, supplements, chemical-treated fruit and vegetables for expensive money, or to use clean and fresh produce from your garden?

In your garden you will find almost everything, that can be for immediate use or as a herbal medicine. I can give you a few examples if your home garden growing these:

Sorrel- a fresh and crunchy spring source of vitamin C, which quickly relieves stress and provides a beautiful  complexion.

Dandelion- a powerful body cleaner. From root to flower, dandelion are highly nutritious plants, loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Common nettle- cleanses the body by removing excess fluid from the body and reducing swelling, this contributing to weight loss. Nettle contains rich iron, in addition to proteins and silicic acid. As an evaluated herbal remedy, it helps with many diseases, relieving inflammation and lowering fever.

Plantago- it is found on the side walk, as well as on the roadside. This plant is also useful in several fields. Namely, the insect bites, to treat cough and in case of digestive problems.


But first and foremost, vegetables, fruits and various berries are grown for their own use in gardening. This is primarily because of the need for free chemical products. It is nice to cut tomatoes and cucumber slices, which has grown in your own garden, in the morning, as well as bake delicious pastries from different berries.

Making your own garden and caring for it later is like a free gym, you don’t have to pay for it, editing in the garden equals the energy spent in the gym, but the result is bigger and more noticeable than just going to the gym. You will get two in one, keep yourself in shape, and in return you will get your own garden products that you have spent time and energy on.

Enjoying the way plants grow. I know you see a lot of effort, patience and time. Many say they do not have the appropriate requirements, but they must be noted.

There is something self-evident, it is great, it is possible, there is to do it, it is necessary to have it, it is necessary what balcony you have.

In the early stages of gardening, we want to experiment, try and forget that everything we have created cannot escape. The more it is, the more difficult it is to remember that your strength will not be underestimated, at first to plant a little, and then, if necessary, to increase the amount you want to grow, because after cultivation, you will have to deal with the later, how to maintain what to keep in mind. So you have to get a little patience and time to take care of everything, because otherwise it doesn’t make sense if all the stuff is wasted or the work is overwhelmed and it will make you sad. Of course, it all depends on the year, whether there are favorable conditions for it or not.

Owning a garden does not mean that you only have to grow vegetables, but you can only grow flowers, grow what you want. But if you have enough space, you can grow both of them, build a garden of gardens and have a vegetable garden. Then there are both products and beauty on the eye.

It is up to the owner of each garden to decide what he wants to grow, for what purpose and to what extent.

Strength and agility in achieving this goal and the patience of awaiting the results, which is a great joy when the first germs grow.

Au fost multe discuții despre cât de nefolositoare este grădina ta în ultimul timp.

De ce sunt atât de multe dubii, în special printre persoanele  din mediul urban, ei nu au spațiu să îşi cultive propriile legume, dar au multe soluții pentru asta.

Tot o sa vorbim despre cat de nefolositoare este gradina ta.  Desigur, e nevoie de multă muncă, dar se merită când vezi primele fructe pe care le ai crescut singur cu propria dragoste si grijă. În primul rând trebuie să te gândești  la ce vrei să plantezi şi unde în grădină, apoi e mai ușor.  Îţi iei uneltele de care ai nevoie şi treaba poate să înceapă.

Toată lumea ştie cât de frumoase sunt produsele din lădiţele din magazine în comparație cu produsele din grădină, dar oare ştiu ei de ce sunt asa de frumoase? Sunt pline de chimicale şi de multe ori nu au gustul corespunzător. Îţi poți compara grădina cu grădina din paradis, unde trebuie să oferi si să iei tot ce poți sa dai în natura , în gură si în pământ. Să fie create fără sa folosești orice produs pentru protecție. Nu este totul în cantități colosale , dar doar să îți poţi lua toate vitaminele si lucrurile esențialele chiar de acolo, din propria gradina sau din imprejurimi . De asemenea plante medicinale. Ceea  ce e mai ieftin si mai profitabil pentru tine,  decât să cumperi sucuri străine, suplimente ,  fructe chimic tratate,  si legume pentru multi bani ,sau sa folosești produse  curate si proaspete  din grădina ta ?

În grădina ta vei găsi aproape orice, care poate fi pentru uz rapid sau medicina cu plante.  Îti pot da câteva exemple:

MĂCRIŞ- o sursa proaspăta şi crocanta sursa de vitamina C, ce reduce stresul rapid si asigura

PĂPĂDIA- un puternic  purificator al corpului. De la rădăcină la floare, păpădiile sunt flori pline de nutrienţi, vitamine, fibre si minerale.



URZICA-  curăță corpul îndepărtând excesul de lichide din corp si reduce umflarea, contribuie la pierderea în greutate. Urzica conține fier, în plus proteine si acid silicic, evaluat remediu medicinal, ajuta la multe boli, ameliorarea  inflamării si scăderea febrei.




PLANTAGO- se găsește pe         ,de asemenea pe şosea. Această plantă este folositoare în numeroase campii. Conform numelui, insecta musca




Dar in primul rand, si cel mai mult, legumele, ructele si numeroase  sunt cultivate pentru propria lor utiliare in gradinarit. Asta se intampla mai ales din cauza necesitatii de produse fara chimicale. E dargut sa tai rosii si castraveti in felii, care au crescut in propria ta gradina, de asemenea si sa coci delicioase din diferite

Sa ti faci propria gradina si sa ai grija de ea, mai tarziu e asemenea unei Sali de sport gratuite, nu trebuie sa platesti pentru ea, ingrijind in gradina echivaleaza energia consumata la sala, dar rezultatul este mai mare si mult mai observabil decat mersul la sala. Vei obtine 2 in 1, te pastrezi in forma si in schimb vei obtine propriile taleproduse de gradina pentru care ai consumat timp si energie.

Te bucuri de felul in care plantele cresc. Stiu ca vezi mult efort, rabdare si timp. Multi spun caai nu au cerintele adecvate, dar si ele trebuie observate.

În primele parti ale grădinaritului vrem să experimentăm, să încercăm si să uităm ca tot ce am creat nu poate scapa. Cu cat e mai mult, cu atât e mai dificil sa ti aduci aminte ca puterea ta nu va fi subestimata, la început plantezi putin, apoi, daca e necesar, ca sa cresti cantitatea pe care vrei sa o cresti, pentru ca după cultivare, nu va trebui sa         , cum sa mentii ce vrei să tii minte. Deci trebuie să ai putina răbdare si timp sa ai grija de tot, altfel nu are sens dacă materialele sunt risipite, sau munca e copleșitoare si te va face trist. Desigur, depinde de an, daca sunt condiții favorabile sau nu.

Sa ai o grădină nu înseamnă ca doar trebuie să cresti legume, poti sa cresti doar flori, ce vrei tu. Dar daca ai destul spatiu, le poti creste pe amândouă, sa faci  gradina grădinilor si să ai o grădină de legume. Atunci sunt ambele produse si

Deținătorul fiecărei grădini decide ce vrea sa crească, pentru ce scop si ce sa extindă.

Puterea si agilitatea în a îndeplini acest scop  si răbdarea pentru a aștepta rezultatele, e multa fericire când primii germeni cresc

ByPille Janson

The 5 important tips and tricks to organize treasure hunt

What is it, the treasure hunt, loved by children but not only for kids, you can also make it for adults. How can it be carried out?

Treasure Hunt is a classic landscaping game where players search for a lost Treasure Chest according to legend. Exploring the countryside and visiting the “distant lands” ends with an unpredictable finale-finding the treasure chest.

Organising a treasure hunt may seem like a lot of work, because it needs to be thought through to the details but the end result is worth it. In this article you will find the main points to keep in mind when starting to plan a treasure hunt. At first, it seems very simple and straightforward, but if you are one of those, who have to organise it, then it turns out that you have a lot things to work out, to get a workable solution.

Because children enjoy being active and working together, it is a positive thing to enjoy the reward later. Even though this treasure chest filled with candy is a fun find for most kids, the real treasure is in the hunt!

How to start it. First, you need to find a theme, a story that builds up all the treasure hunting activity. Next part is the place, it can be done indoors or outdoors, but usually it’s easier to organise it outdoors. Then you will need to know the tasks that the participants will need to complete in order to move on to the next point. Last but not least is a hint that will help your participants to go to the next point.

Now a few tricks to simplify the organisation of this activity:

  • Plan your route. Ask for locals to help you, when you do not know the area well, they can also help you for the translation part, if you work with people, who do not speak your language.

  • Determine the Number of Clues You Will Have – Set a number of clues from the very beginning. This will make the rest of your planning much simpler. Don’t forget to consider the age and size of the group.

  • Give yourself lots of time to plan – It took time to map out a route, identify good places for clues and write out the hints for each place. Once the mental work was done, the physical prep felt much less onerous.

  • Prepare for contingencies – like sealed all the clues in plastic bags so they wouldn’t get soaked in the event of rain.

  • Go with them – it would have been great to have one or two people with the group—one to race ahead with the speedier kids and one to bring up the rear with the dawdlers.

After all that, do not forgot to enjoy it. Even it is a competition the main part need to be fun. It is a pleasure to see in the eyes of the children that they enjoy for the whole event you have organised for them.

Treasure hunts are a fun and easy way to enjoy time with your kids, strengthen your staff through team building, or enjoy time with friends and family. Competition encourages teams to work together or individuals to think creatively and build resourcefulness.

ByPille Janson

Portret de Voluntar – Pille (Estonia)

[EN] My name is Pille Janson. I am 30 years old. I am from Estonia, where I lived in Uusküla, small village. I graduated from a Tallinn Service School. I have studied tourism and hospitality. I´m interested in different languages and cultures. I have studied also different languages: Finnish, Spanish and Russian. My family hosted exchange students from different countries now for three years. I  like hiking, skating and skiing. I worked as a teacher assistant in the kindergarten. Also I have the  same experience, when I was in the Armenia, where I made my short-term volunteering. I don’t have opportunity to work with school aged children but now I have this chance.



[RO] Numele meu este Pille Janson. Am 30 de ani. Sunt din Estonia, unde am locuit în Uusküla, oraș mic. Am absolvit la o Școală militară din Tallinn Service School. Am studiat turism și ospitalitate. Sunt interesată de diferite limbi și culturi. De asemenea am studiat diverse limbi: finlandeză, spaniolă  și rusă. Familia mea a găzduit studenți de schimb din diferite țări de trei ani deja. Îmi plac drumețiile, patinajul și schiatul. Am lucrat ca asistent profesor la grădiniță. am de asemenea experiența deja, de când am fost în Armenia, unde mi-am făcut voluntariatul de scurt-timp. Nu aveam oportunitatea de a lucra cu copii de vârstă școlară dar acum am această șansă.


Pille este în România pentru o perioadă de opt luni, din ianuarie 2019 până în septembrie 2019, în cadrul proiectului Building Youth Supportive Communities – Environment [2017-2-RO01-KA105-037748] proiect co-finanțat de Uniunea Europeană prin Programul Erasmus+ și implementat în România de către Curba de Cultură.