Importance of environmental protection.

ByPille Janson

Importance of environmental protection.

Why it is important to keep the environment and why you can read so much about this in daily news. Does not really people around the world realise the seriousness of the problem or do they just think that what they individually can do and so they try not to pay as much attention to it as they could.
Over the next few years, this topic has become increasingly popular and the consequences of its impact have been brought to the fore in more ways than before. A great many climate activists have come out and have led to many climate strikes. Climate strikes have already achieved something crucial – young people – who really can imagine a different social order have become a platform to fight for their lives. They are not taken very seriously yet, but it has been noticed, that they have the perseverance to continue as long as something finally gets better or they are taken seriously by the others people.
But what each person can do individually to keep the environment a little better off for future generations. Firstly, the small steps you can make in your daily life, namely significantly reducing the use of plastic, by using alternative options, the easiest way to avoid plastic bags, is to own one, or better yet, to make yourself a fabric shopping bag that you can always carry with you. You don’t always have to put all the vegetables and fruits in the plastic, all the while the delicate plastic bags offered in supermarkets have no use for later, you don’t always know if they will last when you get home, so why use them, only burden the environment.
There are annual cleaning days, both worldwide and nationally, but the problem of nature pollution, is still here. A lot of people think, what it can change, if they, individually protect environment and recycle trash. But the change begins with everyone’s initiative. You don’t have to think about how much it will benefit the environment if you recycle and care about the environment but the rest of the world looks like they don’t care.
Since the re-educate people mostly do not succeed, you must correctly change the behavior of an inevitable comfortably.

What if we do not want to leave the goals of sustainable development and active citizenship dependent on people’s random choices?
Moving towards re-educating a person’s environment and relationships rather than re-educating them. For example, active participation needs to be integrated as part of the “real life” organisation. We should probably move towards an environment where some things are “inevitable” for young people but only for young people, for everybody. In the field of environmental sustainability, it is clear that choices that have been made inevitably have the potential to attract people who do not think in terms of environmental sustainability themselves. Waste is also sorted by those who have multiple bins in place of one bin – convenient and inevitable.

Despite the fact that people already have a high level of environmental knowledge and they keep going on the way to be more awareness to moving towards a more sustainable environment. Only the collective awareness of all countries and strong public pressure on our policymakers and businesses will help to make the planet cleaner.

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