The 5 important tips and tricks to organize treasure hunt

ByPille Janson

The 5 important tips and tricks to organize treasure hunt

What is it, the treasure hunt, loved by children but not only for kids, you can also make it for adults. How can it be carried out?

Treasure Hunt is a classic landscaping game where players search for a lost Treasure Chest according to legend. Exploring the countryside and visiting the “distant lands” ends with an unpredictable finale-finding the treasure chest.

Organising a treasure hunt may seem like a lot of work, because it needs to be thought through to the details but the end result is worth it. In this article you will find the main points to keep in mind when starting to plan a treasure hunt. At first, it seems very simple and straightforward, but if you are one of those, who have to organise it, then it turns out that you have a lot things to work out, to get a workable solution.

Because children enjoy being active and working together, it is a positive thing to enjoy the reward later. Even though this treasure chest filled with candy is a fun find for most kids, the real treasure is in the hunt!

How to start it. First, you need to find a theme, a story that builds up all the treasure hunting activity. Next part is the place, it can be done indoors or outdoors, but usually it’s easier to organise it outdoors. Then you will need to know the tasks that the participants will need to complete in order to move on to the next point. Last but not least is a hint that will help your participants to go to the next point.

Now a few tricks to simplify the organisation of this activity:

  • Plan your route. Ask for locals to help you, when you do not know the area well, they can also help you for the translation part, if you work with people, who do not speak your language.

  • Determine the Number of Clues You Will Have – Set a number of clues from the very beginning. This will make the rest of your planning much simpler. Don’t forget to consider the age and size of the group.

  • Give yourself lots of time to plan – It took time to map out a route, identify good places for clues and write out the hints for each place. Once the mental work was done, the physical prep felt much less onerous.

  • Prepare for contingencies – like sealed all the clues in plastic bags so they wouldn’t get soaked in the event of rain.

  • Go with them – it would have been great to have one or two people with the group—one to race ahead with the speedier kids and one to bring up the rear with the dawdlers.

After all that, do not forgot to enjoy it. Even it is a competition the main part need to be fun. It is a pleasure to see in the eyes of the children that they enjoy for the whole event you have organised for them.

Treasure hunts are a fun and easy way to enjoy time with your kids, strengthen your staff through team building, or enjoy time with friends and family. Competition encourages teams to work together or individuals to think creatively and build resourcefulness.

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