Training C4C – Communication for Cooperation – Next chapter


Training C4C – Communication for Cooperation – Next chapter

The training course “C4C – Communication for Cooperation” happened in Slovenia in the beautiful area of Ajdovščina town and her surrounded mountains.

Olga, Laris, Nava and Pina hosted and welcomed us for 6 days of sharing, caring and learning moments. The participants from Portugal, Cyprus, Netherlands, Latvia, Italy, Finland, Spain and Romania gathered to focus on the communication as a tool of cooperation.

We had such a diversity of sessions and methods used in which it was easy to follow and to relate to some daily life situations, personal and/or professional. We set from the beginning a climate of confidence, tolerance and dialogue, in which everybody could feel comfortable to share experiences, knowledge or stories.

The different sessions of the week had a pleasant flow between theory, practice, visit and self-assessment. We emphasized different notions such as: how to use and receive feedback, how to use mediation and apply non-violent communication, the basis of transactional analysis, the practice of public speaking, the discovery of some ICT tools for the communication such as Canva, Meister task, Logbook, … and Slack, for which I chose to integrate of our communication channel inside our organization, and also took time to visit to the amazing Skocjan caves.

From different backgrounds, the participants were well guided to find their own path as personal level to deal with conflict and to establish a tolerant dialog through the situations we encounter.

All in all, this training in this peaceful place was the best opportunity to raise the importance of the communication skills and the tolerance we are showing towards others.

Different partners part of it: Associazione Agrado, Ha Moment, Together Cyprus, Open Sense, Word Up, Hyvarilao, Egeria Desarrollo Social and us Curba de Cultură.

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